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Who we are

Twiyar is an online Networking group with a strong expertise, specializes in connecting companies worldwide looking for partners with the best history possible. Our business is focused on making consumers happy and grow their business opportunity, our services are for different companies in several fields to the targeted interested customers at the right time to help them save time and budget. We use the latest web technologies available today mainly: Cloud and Dispatcher with SSD.

We believe that our success depends on the satisfaction of all parts involved in the process. Our team looks everyday for opportunities running in the market in several activities: Industry, Commerce, Multimedia, Technology, Education, Agriculture, Art, Health & Beauty, Entrainement...

Twiyar is currently available on two regions: West Europe and MENA, and soon will targets others such as Australia, Canada and Asia (Japan).

What we do

Twiyar's teams work on delivering the suitable partenrships to the targeted customer at the right time. Our main goal is to make him happy and satisfied by saving time and budget.

We are building and developing our own database of potential customers from different interests properly classified using smart squeeze pages. We work in a continuous way to find their newest offers in several industries.

Our teams do not stop the studies and analyzes to grow in all our procedures that allow us to retain our partners and still be in their expectation. Our philosophy is based on strict principles and values:

  • We are Professional in our business
  • We are Serious with our partners
  • We Think long-term win-win
  • We Believe in privacy
  • We Provide the highest quality
  • We Respect all our engagements

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